Conferences & events

Tarasy Wang - sala konferencyjna dostępna na

We offer comfortable conditions and business standard of hotel rooms. Our additional advantages for companies are also:
transport services on demand, multimedia systems and devices, catering, open bar and free WiFi.
We provide the arrangement of integration meetings, dance parties and banquettes.

Integration meetings

Our facility provides one with intimacy, offering exceptional atmosphere in the heart of the National Park of Karkonosze and enabling us to arrange events and parties tailored for the needs of the closest circle of the business customer’s colleagues and customers. The proximity of tourist trails behind the hotel’s doorstep, as well as the astonishing views expanding behind its windows, are the unique advantages provided by our facility.

It is possible for you to exclusively rent the whole building with discretion assured, especially if you plan to spend your time in the hotel as a large group of visitors. A special offer of corporate and business events.

Christmas Eve parties

Christmas Eve parties are special ways of expressing gratitude and thankfulness to one’s employees and a closer-related team of co-workers for their input and dedication for the development of company. The Christmas atmosphere is a special time to closely tie one’s business relationships and let everyone involved feel like a part of a trustworthy team.

The Vang Terraces is a facility which makes an exceptionally good choice for the arrangement of such an event, candlelit Christmas Eve dinner with guests surrounded by the glow of season’s decorations and the lights adorning a real Christmas tree, with live mood-affecting music in the background and as surrounded by the woods and mountains.

Attractions for business guests

We provide you with an offer to arrange your stay in the form of both actively spent time and leisure (evening activities):

  • Ballooning,
  • Nordic walking with an instructor
  • Hiking the trails with a guide,
  • Winter sport activities, skiing included, depending on the weather conditions,
  • Activities at the nearby swimming pool,
  • Admission to theatre performances – a nearby theatre,
  • Movie nights arranged in a nearby cinema,
  • Live band performances (Jazz, Ethno, Folk and Classical Music)


Corporate customers often demand luxurious conditions, exclusiveness, undisturbed tranquillity and the opportunity to concentrate. This offer enables one to conduct business negotiations in discrete atmosphere, with peaceful conditions and concentration secured.

This offer will let our corporate and business guests conduct negotiation sessions in the discrete and uninhibited atmosphere as the Vang Terraces with its adjoined conference hall, the access to rooms and the SPA zone will be exclusively available to you.