SPA Relax

SPA Zone

The visit paid to our SPA zone will make one relaxed, helping them to forget about everyday worries. After the return from the hiking trip, we invite you to the Wellness& SPA zone.

The massage soothes the soul, brings relief and calmnessEach mountain trip means considerable effort for one’s organism. Hiking and other on-foot activities especially affect one’s muscles, causing muscle fatigue. Our experts will take care of you, offering classic massage sessions.

Relaxation Zone

Infrared sauna - Sauna operating with the infrared technology implemented is a facility with no steam emitted and of low temperature of the air inside. There are ceramic infrared illuminators being applied instead of traditional stoves.
Finnish sauna - Steam room of relatively low humidity of the air inside with the temperature reaching 75-100 degrees Celsius. One is supposed to spend between a few and several dozen minutes.  After sauning it is advised to have a bath with cold water applied.
Aromatherapy - A steam cabin with aromatherapy. Inside the bath, the temperature is low (43-49 degrees Celsius) and there is considerable humidity.
Indoor Jacuzzi SPA minipool enables to relax individually and in the groups of up to 4 people.
Outdoor Jacuzzi SPA minipool allows one to relax in water reaching 40 degrees Celsius in the open air for the whole year round.


Closed relaxation zone is exclusively available for our guests from 10:30 p.m. to 12:30 p.m.

  • 150 PLN - the price includes sparkling wine served.

We invite you to book your stay via phone or on the day of arrival.