Information for the newlyweds

Currently, in the Vang stave church it is only possible to conclude marriages according to the rites of the Evangelical-Augsburg denomination. The opportunity to conclude a marriage according to the rites of the Roman-Catholic church is available at the parish of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary in Karpacz. Both churches are picturesque with their beauty defined through individual architectural values. Apart from their incontestable attractiveness, the churches mentioned belong to the parishes run by exceptional clergymen which will surely contribute to the attribution of proper sacral dimension to the ceremony.
Once the decision to tie the knot and arrange both the wedding ceremony and reception in Karpacz is taken, it is advisable to book the said dates in the parish of choice or, alternatively, determine the proper date with the Civil Status Office, which should undergo simultaneous consultations with us.


Beautiful, unique, wonderful… – everyone imagines the day of their wedding ceremony being exactly of this kind. In order to meet these expectations, what we offer to our guests is an exceptional and exquisite wedding reception.
Intimate conditions, up to 85 guests invited, 24 rooms. We offer: hair styling, professional services, adjustments of wedding garments, own & handcrafted products, open bar, transport services available.

The wedding ceremony may be arranged in one of the two Karpacz churches – the Evangelical-Augsburg church (the Vang stave church) or the parochial Roman-Catholic church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary.

After-wedding party

This magnificent time is filled with emotions. The next day is also the first joint step towards a new life for the newlyweds. May it be successful and full of good fortune!

Prolong your stay and we will do everything to sustain the cheerful mood and atmosphere. The cosy atmosphere of the hotel, comfortable room, amazing views and charming SPA facilities. This wonderful place provides it all both to rest and begin one’s journey on the new way of life!

Contact details of the parishes of Karpacz


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tel. + 48 75 76 19 228

58-540 Karpacz
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tel. 75 76 19 556