The Vang Terraces hotel


The pearl of architecture

The Vang Terraces hotel was established in 1897 and still provides a point of reference to the canon or Scandinavian architecture with its numerous sloppy roofs, bay windows, porches, balconies and terraces.

The facility was subject to renovation in 2005 but it retained its style and aura, exemplifying unique historic space merged with convenience and comfort.


With special care to provide our guests with rich palatal satisfaction, we offer exquisite menu composed of seasonal dishes. Our chef is always ready to take special effort to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.

Our restaurant offers carefully selected dishes representing the local cuisine, as well as commonly known dishes, always composed of fresh ingredients.


Beautiful, unique, wonderful… – everyone imagines the day of their wedding ceremony being exactly of this kind. In order to meet these expectations, what we offer to our guests is an exceptional and exquisite wedding reception.


Double Standard Room

from 180 zł / night

Room Standard+

from 210 zł / night

Double Premium Room

from 260 zł / night

Room Premium+

from 380 zł / night